About Me

We hate to see people struggling and have noticed a lot lately that more and more people are struggling with their money. This means that we decided that we had to do something about it. Therefore, we put together this website which has hints and tips for people to help them to stop that struggle. We have put together some article which we hope cover topics that will help most people and provide them with information that will get them thinking more about money. We realise that it can be a topic that is often complex and dull but we have worked really hard to make it simple and relevant in the hope that lots of people will find them really useful. We hope that it will help people to realise that it is not a dull topic but actually fascinating and by learning about it every one of us can benefit financially and be more in control of our money and feel like we are on our way towards financial freedom. It is a great feeling to know that you are more in control and that you can stop struggling all of the time. We know this and hope that we can show other people how to achieve it as well.